• v0.0.3 2b16baf506

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    Crimson-Hawk released this 2024-04-12 04:20:13 +02:00 | 68 commits to dev since this release

    The suyu emulator project is still alive. We present to you suyu v0.0.3


    1. Preliminary fix for fw 18.0.0
    2. Preliminary fix for Princess Peach: Showtime
    3. Fix NROs crashing and loading infinitely
    4. Fix issue #94
    5. Increase Limit ( FSR Sharp , AUDIO ) Android

    etc etc

    Please note that only firmware version 17.0.0 is officially supported. 18.0.0 may work but it is not guaranteed

    Edit: correct android package name and displayed name

    Edit 2: use correct name scheme to maintain compatibility with third party updaters

    Edit 3: Rebuilt macOS. If the app won't open, try running xattr -d com.apple.quarantine suyu.app in Terminal