• v0.0.1 c7d2f08de8

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    zqpvr01 released this 2024-03-22 22:22:32 +01:00 | 163 commits to dev since this release

    • Full rebrand
    • ICNS Icon generation
    • Error handling
    • Qlaunch initial integration(buggy/requires further testing; requires V17.0.0 firmware or newer)
    • Forgejo ci for automated builds
    • Require all keys to be user provided, along with firmware
    • Improved Addons Manager
    • Various crash fixes
    • Initial work for MacOS support
    • Fix for video playback AMD devices
    • Enabled more features on AMD proprietary drivers
    • Multiplayer API re-implemented
    • Removed all telemetry
    • New UI options/improvements
    • QOL changes